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FaZe Jev
  • Matthew Maimone

    Matthew Maimone

    17 分钟 前

    Best game I’ve ever seen hahahahahaa

  • Landon Kabusk

    Landon Kabusk

    4 小时 前

    5:00 i mean us new jersey people think thats a mountain to because we dont have any

  • phoenix down

    phoenix down

    8 小时 前

    The thing about the blunt is so true

  • IamxFrank


    天 前

    i haven’t played warzone since it released , i hate the game but enjoy watching it

  • Angel Lujan

    Angel Lujan

    3 天 前

    Why is this dude screaming the whole vid. Talk too much dude

  • Young savage

    Young savage

    5 天 前

    The dude at the end didn’t hit any of those shots with the AUG but they all registered, Warzone will forever be broken.

  • etelän pingviini

    etelän pingviini

    5 天 前

    torilla tavataan

  • big guy

    big guy

    5 天 前

    3:03 is a sus moment when it's out of context

  • MetalPauly2


    6 天 前

    It changed your life? Wow you are a loser lmao.. omg I'm so glad my life isn't lame

  • Seandonohgod


    6 天 前


  • tactical gamer

    tactical gamer

    7 天 前

    playing swat4 trying to get in each mission a score of 100/100 . a support with a like or subscribe would nice

  • Dat LoveStank

    Dat LoveStank

    7 天 前

    i smoke blunts to the head and make fart noises, explains the sweat.... here i thought i was just gross

  • Dat LoveStank

    Dat LoveStank

    7 天 前

    always go 4 the execution it not eggo's here just ssoooo funny to do to real ppl i do play dark souls and i can send ya a link to my 7 executions in 1 life clip off mw core tdm w/ Price of all ppl the cigar execution take 4 ever

  • Dat LoveStank

    Dat LoveStank

    7 天 前

    ... there's an attack heli in warzone havent bothered playing even plunder since mw season 5 xD

  • trash


    7 天 前

    the guy at 9:57 must have balls of titanium

  • Sean Dring

    Sean Dring

    7 天 前

    Awful broken nasty cod. Will never change so long as fools keep giving em money.

  • Andrew Heavenridge

    Andrew Heavenridge

    7 天 前


  • JK


    7 天 前

    @5:25 it pains me to see people not get satchels

  • Earth Enlightened

    Earth Enlightened

    8 天 前

    Lol "He pings him in anger" im dead right now

  • Stephen Lozada

    Stephen Lozada

    8 天 前

    Update dlss sucks on warzone I rather use that enhanced boosted shit

  • lava kingdom

    lava kingdom

    8 天 前

    Wtf was this lmao

  • Salvador Garcia

    Salvador Garcia

    8 天 前

    9:53 did jev Start dodging irl

  • Akhir A

    Akhir A

    9 天 前

    This video is gold

  • friendly neighborhood Canadian

    friendly neighborhood Canadian

    9 天 前

    We all know why jev is up at 4

  • JoE_MoMMA_227


    9 天 前

    Watching Jev at 4am watch Warzone at 4am is my life

  • CJ


    9 天 前

    Jev: Your mental fortitude is low after a long day especially April fool day
    Me being born of April fools:🥲

  • kickass1238UMLl


    9 天 前

    What the hell did I just watch

  • Javis Garage

    Javis Garage

    9 天 前

    Anyone else just here because you enjoy his reaction to people getting killed/ getting kills

  • Elias Roman

    Elias Roman

    10 天 前

    im not even that good at cod but i play very smart and always think 10 steps ahead.

  • Myles Porter

    Myles Porter

    10 天 前


  • a FOXy dad

    a FOXy dad

    10 天 前

    He didn't even grab the satchel...

  • Alex Spartichino

    Alex Spartichino

    10 天 前

    It’s weird to think that war zone in the future will be to kids what MW2 and WaW was to us lmao

    • ano nym

      ano nym

      7 天 前

      It's bound to make fun childhood memories, possibly more so than MW2 tbh. t. someone who played MW2

  • The Lobester

    The Lobester

    11 天 前

    i am watching someone watch someone play a game that i own

  • Brandon Johnson

    Brandon Johnson

    11 天 前

    jesus he doesnt shut up. had to leave

  • slick dreams

    slick dreams

    11 天 前

    The 360 tho sheesh

  • slick dreams

    slick dreams

    11 天 前

    This shit is fun to watch

  • Mixel Quiñones

    Mixel Quiñones

    11 天 前

    I remember 1 year ago u didn't had this beard

  • Ghost Gaming

    Ghost Gaming

    11 天 前

    I love how Jev makes it a talk show kind of I absolutely love jev 😂

  • Kamui240sx


    11 天 前

    Man Jevs coms are the best😂😂😂

  • yeungscs


    11 天 前

    Call of duty out of context: "He's trying to stop him so he can get shot."

  • Neno b21

    Neno b21

    12 天 前

    everyone gotta take shiet in the am ya feeel 🤣🤣🤣💀🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Tralyn Mitchell

    Tralyn Mitchell

    12 天 前

    its 4 am 0_0

  • Jared Brown

    Jared Brown

    12 天 前

    I play 1440p at 120hz on my Xbox one x through my TV that has an hdmi 2.1 port

  • Waffleman Guy

    Waffleman Guy

    13 天 前

    Truly poetic

  • Meech - MCH

    Meech - MCH

    13 天 前

    this was wild lmaoooo

  • Louie Butcher

    Louie Butcher

    14 天 前

    9:29 gold....

  • GOAT


    14 天 前

    Anyone else pissed off how that guy didn’t take the satch

  • Midnight Gardener

    Midnight Gardener

    14 天 前

    12:00 hey don’t attack the way of my peoples😂🖕💨

  • Niels de Jong

    Niels de Jong

    14 天 前

    Why is everybody so toxic though, people also need need to learn the game right. I'm level 50+ now and still have barely any idea what I'm doing

  • Bbshd Dhdhdh

    Bbshd Dhdhdh

    14 天 前

    360 no way

  • kevin nickel

    kevin nickel

    14 天 前

    bro this guy is CONTENT. holy shit, so entertaining lol

  • Volkan Yilmaz

    Volkan Yilmaz

    14 天 前

    Not even knowing what DLSS does or is, so sad bro... That's what you get when you get all your pc's for free without having to build one :)

  • Yeller's Games

    Yeller's Games

    14 天 前

    4AM squad where you at?

  • Lorraine Hall

    Lorraine Hall

    14 天 前

    Theirs sbm? REALLY

  • Petro Gang

    Petro Gang

    14 天 前

    Great content 😂😂😂😂



    14 天 前

    He looks like Zeke from AOT

  • The real Jesus Christ

    The real Jesus Christ

    14 天 前

    I’m pretty good at COD mp, but I’m trash at war zone I have like 4 wins and they’re all from before cold war came out. It gets so boring as a trash WZ player to just loot for 10 minutes then immediately die then wait another 5 to 10 minutes to start up in another lobby.

  • Mike_ uchiha

    Mike_ uchiha

    15 天 前


  • Anthony Martinez

    Anthony Martinez

    15 天 前

    This was outrageously entertaining, need more commentating from Jev. Subbed.

  • Kolossus


    15 天 前

    Those late night/early morning lobbies are wild. They are on some shit, fr.

  • John Fakes

    John Fakes

    15 天 前

    Hilarious video

  • TMGXxEcHoxX


    15 天 前

    Jev WTF is your hair doing bro? Get that shit in check!!

  • Chriz Adrian

    Chriz Adrian

    15 天 前

    Yooo that 360 shot was sick

  • Just a Bum

    Just a Bum

    15 天 前

    People who play at 4am eat sandpaper

  • SaiMadeIt


    16 天 前

    bro this was great 😭

  • Hairless Apes Gaming

    Hairless Apes Gaming

    16 天 前

    Must not have much going on in your life than lol.

  • Mansour


    16 天 前

    that wallpaper on his phone is from an anime called hunterxhunter

  • Brian King

    Brian King

    16 天 前

    Im here from big brilloc black dude named Requis

  • Mookka4


    16 天 前

    This is the first time i see u, and i had to subscribe. Ty.



    16 天 前

    The 360 part was so funny because how fast he turned and took 3 sec to kill him lmao



    16 天 前

    Nah i run warzone just fine without dlss, i have a 3060ti and a i9 9900k

  • Justin Ray

    Justin Ray

    16 天 前

    That tea bag was epic🤣

  • Justin Ray

    Justin Ray

    16 天 前

    “We all know watching a video of someone playing, is funner than playing it. I mean, you’re all watching.”
    So true🤔

  • Nicholas James

    Nicholas James

    16 天 前

    My level is low because I barely play at all. Still better than alot of high levels or atleast comparable. Cod just kinda hits flat since 2010 Im sure alot of decent players feel the same. I thought it was more common knowledge seemingly the better players play at night. The ones grinding the game all day n night literally. During the day you get more kids. Honestly thought thats why alot of good streamers played during the day, because its easier.

  • Kai Garvie

    Kai Garvie

    17 天 前

    Literally thought this was seth

    • loomi


      16 天 前

      who tf is seth?

  • V M

    V M

    17 天 前

    lol the first guy is like some finnish kid

  • Nirmal Singh

    Nirmal Singh

    17 天 前

    11:58 “kids today smoke a blunt to the face and play it like it’s a fucking wildlife hunting simulator, listening to sound and shit.....”, doing it just now with the new map and blunts ready to go...

  • Xavier Lugo

    Xavier Lugo

    17 天 前

    Oddly I started this vid on 4:13 am

  • MysticNinja


    18 天 前

    Dude that 360 tho

  • Yosuf Waraich

    Yosuf Waraich

    18 天 前

    Wtf was that 360

  • Keef


    18 天 前

    Playing warzone is overrated this is 10x better.

  • Czrad


    18 天 前

    “So much was said, not a word spoken”
    A true poet.

  • Cahns


    18 天 前

    he should see the fear of death and honed skills in my sporadic mouse movements

  • roromeng


    18 天 前

    Im smoking a joint to the face right now.

  • CasualTea404


    18 天 前

    This... this is art.

  • Aldo


    18 天 前

    Starting at 9:17 and until the end, has got to be the single greatest sequence of events I have ever seen in this game.

  • Tyler Theesen

    Tyler Theesen

    19 天 前

    SO MUCH was said, not a WORD spoken

  • Ashley Baker

    Ashley Baker

    19 天 前

    Jeez, I hate the editing, it's like being in a pub and 10 people are trying to talk at once.

  • ItzStello


    19 天 前

    @11:58 actually how i play

  • Giovanni Torres

    Giovanni Torres

    19 天 前

    “Smoking a blunt listening to the game like it’s a wild simulator”🤣🤣🤣

  • Meep


    19 天 前

    This is a loony toon match

  • lilmayo


    20 天 前

    Damnnn jev finally copped an iPhone shits changing

  • No Name

    No Name

    20 天 前

    What is DLSS?

  • Sara Belum

    Sara Belum

    20 天 前

    An angry pin is pretty aggressive in Canada

  • Sara Belum

    Sara Belum

    20 天 前

    That 1st guy sucked so much i thought it might be me lol

  • q faAE aeffec aeteadg

    q faAE aeffec aeteadg

    20 天 前

    bruh jev needs to watch marcel play that man is a beast

  • Tanner Nelson

    Tanner Nelson

    20 天 前

    This is deff Vibes and the end who helps timthetatman and nickmerks w heli"s n shit lol. same calling card and everything thing



    20 天 前

    This guy is making bank by me watching him watch somebody play a game

  • levi leausa

    levi leausa

    20 天 前

    I clicked on this video drink as fuck and all I hear is it jev bro I had flash backs look Ed at the video and wtf he has long curly hair now and glasses wtf happened I’m 22 I been out the loop with faze for a while wtf man I’m tripping pit

  • xFaLlEnViBeZx Vibez

    xFaLlEnViBeZx Vibez

    20 天 前

    20 bomb 🤌🏼