I made a SECRET CACTUS Minecraft Base (Hide Or Hunt)

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in todays Minecraft video here on Minecraft Hide Or Hunt I made a SECRET CACTUS entrance to my Minecraft Base.. this is the ultimate base making game mode last player with there secret base standing is the winner!
↪ Public Hide Or Hunt Server (1.8)
► hideorhunt.com
► discord.gg/FvAgX9F
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↪ My Minecraft Faction & Skyblock Minecraft Server (1.8)
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Edited by Ben The EDITOR
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  • Shmorgus


    7 个月 前

    No wayyy it’s back alreadyyyy I love this Ryan, please make more ASAP

    • PodiumWeather


      15 天 前

      @J Opey Cool

    • TinyTigy


      个月 前

      Nunape, nunape natana jwo

    • Isaac Games

      Isaac Games

      个月 前

      That's a fact lady

    • Beckett C

      Beckett C

      个月 前

      What’s that profile pic

    • Ultralord Fun

      Ultralord Fun

      2 个月 前


  • Landybryce


    小时 前

    Brian Brian Brian Brian Brian Brian

  • PanKake


    6 小时 前

    You are my fav hardcore yt

  • Judy Gibson

    Judy Gibson

    9 小时 前

    U should have had other beacon lol

  • No One

    No One

    11 小时 前

    Btw you could of just placed then broke the diamond ores...

  • Ornata MC

    Ornata MC

    21 小时 前

    He knows that you doesn’t need to smelt diamonds right?

  • 《Ruby_ Gamer》

    《Ruby_ Gamer》

    23 小时 前

    Please don't die :(
    We love u Ben :)

  • CoroRAWS


    天 前

    Why you not CRITT??? Im very confused

  • Bryan Cuba

    Bryan Cuba

    天 前

    The reason your base was found is all the cactus had 3 blocks and yours had 2 thats why it was found

  • Fnuk


    天 前


  • Wolfstylzz


    天 前

    Your base was found because there were only 2 blocks of cacti high and all the others were 3 blocks of cacti high

    • Sorin Kick

      Sorin Kick

      天 前

      Probaly, but it's weird that every cactus was 3 blocks heigh

  • OR.K


    天 前

    Ryan: I can't smelt these diamonds
    Me: Bruh just place them and then mine them! >:(

  • Kakarot


    2 天 前

    I started screaming when u made a diamond shovel..........

  • ZER0


    3 天 前

    Hey this video is clickbait. You didn’t hide the cactus. The cactus was clearly not a Secret.



    3 天 前

    You chicky liar haahhahaahahah I luv this vidssssss😄😄😄

  • YummyC4K3


    4 天 前

    Why do you need rotten flesh

  • William Sahouri

    William Sahouri

    4 天 前

    Myth buster

  • Bloop 907

    Bloop 907

    4 天 前

    You had 3 diamonds to make an axe :

  • ZerkS 15

    ZerkS 15

    5 天 前

    Lezz goooo!!

  • Icus Gaming

    Icus Gaming

    5 天 前

    *Shizzle wizzle* 🤣

  • Ashwin MK

    Ashwin MK

    5 天 前

    There was an iron or in ur base bruh

  • Tony Brown

    Tony Brown

    7 天 前


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  • Odeo


    7 天 前

    Use you're lava bucket to incinerate their items when you kill them so they can't get it back

  • Sienna Osborne

    Sienna Osborne

    8 天 前

    please dont die 31:03


  • Teleshop Btwos

    Teleshop Btwos

    8 天 前

    Accidently disliked the video after liking it

  • Elijah Grant

    Elijah Grant

    8 天 前


  • Kind


    8 天 前

    I just noticed that YelloWool was participating. 12:49 by the way it's the person saying whos that



    10 天 前

    "Please Don't Die :("

  • GoProCam10


    10 天 前

    I’m bout to binge watch every episode:D

  • memeur


    11 天 前

    14:20 this is why he murdered on murder island hardcore 100 days

  • solid games

    solid games

    11 天 前

    I saw the "Please don't die ):" from the editor because i slowed it to 0.25 speed and paused at the text flashing at the speed of one 20th of a second and saw it. (lol)

  • *Daisy Shine*

    *Daisy Shine*

    11 天 前


  • Mister Kitty

    Mister Kitty

    12 天 前

    Hope the admins fixed the item duping if you die during the grace period.. also I loved how long you went without noticing you were knocked out.

  • WøłfPłåÿzThèWøłfGåmér


    12 天 前

    Just a question, can you continue building the inside of your base when the timer runs out as long as the base entrance is made?

  • A-Z Gaming

    A-Z Gaming

    13 天 前

    Did this man just make a fricken shovel??

  • Jack Foley

    Jack Foley

    13 天 前

    Do you guys remember when his name was creepersedge?

  • Haimgaming


    13 天 前


  • Shea HW

    Shea HW

    13 天 前

    At 4:52 when you closed the chest there was a chest behind it

  • Happy


    14 天 前


  • Jan Geiersbach

    Jan Geiersbach

    14 天 前

    Blast proct 4 would've been op against tnt traps

  • ishaan gill

    ishaan gill

    14 天 前

    Does he not know he can break those diamonds.

  • Althea danice Asuncion

    Althea danice Asuncion

    14 天 前

    :0 that's so amazing emerald cool

  • Dis_ar e

    Dis_ar e

    15 天 前

    this is a copy of unspeakable

  • Leigh


    15 天 前

    he forgot to get the invis potion

  • Godzilla Gaming Plays with EDJE

    Godzilla Gaming Plays with EDJE

    15 天 前

    Ayyyy it's duck the murderer in murder island 0-142 days

  • Axolotl


    16 天 前

    Ryan if you get two bad bows, Add them together and you will get one better bow

  • Kharsen Frazer

    Kharsen Frazer

    17 天 前

    Keep making long videos

  • Zain Mubarak

    Zain Mubarak

    18 天 前

    Why is the beacon the crafting table???

  • Juno van der Dussen

    Juno van der Dussen

    19 天 前

    I love *HORSES*

    • Juno van der Dussen

      Juno van der Dussen

      19 天 前


    • Juno van der Dussen

      Juno van der Dussen

      19 天 前


    • Juno van der Dussen

      Juno van der Dussen

      19 天 前


    • Juno van der Dussen

      Juno van der Dussen

      19 天 前


    • Juno van der Dussen

      Juno van der Dussen

      19 天 前


  • Angel Matela

    Angel Matela

    20 天 前

    how to play minecraft hide or hunt

  • rosie _rosemarry

    rosie _rosemarry

    20 天 前

    u just yeet that becon u can make a secret becon that is very far away if they distroy the other bevon then u have a spare

  • Angel Matela

    Angel Matela

    20 天 前

    how to play minecraft hide or hunt

  • Zachpure 09

    Zachpure 09

    22 天 前

    song pls

  • Rexy Kohl

    Rexy Kohl

    23 天 前

    Is the server on pocket edition

  • Ice World 101

    Ice World 101

    23 天 前


  • El Lobo539Gaming

    El Lobo539Gaming

    23 天 前

    Ryan's Sherlock holms for being big brain looking for bases...

  • Animal Girl

    Animal Girl

    23 天 前

    Cool vid :)

  • 200 pump kyle

    200 pump kyle

    23 天 前

    Him:I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DROP me: DROP THE ROTTEN FLESH him: 'Drops redstone. Me: Freaking out!??!?!?!?!?!?!!

  • Straus Brothers

    Straus Brothers

    23 天 前

    “Please don’t die :(“
    Ben the editor

  • Christian LAFAILLE

    Christian LAFAILLE

    24 天 前

    Dude u had two beacon

  • Kushagra Pandey

    Kushagra Pandey

    24 天 前

    Am binge watching every fkin season like anime its soo cool ❤️❤️

  • India Shaurya

    India Shaurya

    24 天 前

    Ryan are you gone mad they hid a chest behind the opened chest. Lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Dalton Showalter

    Dalton Showalter

    24 天 前

    you are like Dream

  • playerplayground.-.


    24 天 前


  • playerplayground.-.


    24 天 前

    :26 55

  • Ryker Johnsen

    Ryker Johnsen

    25 天 前

    You got way more than 5000 likes

  • Melionic


    25 天 前


  • Naemar Lewis

    Naemar Lewis

    25 天 前


  • Vertigo Gaming

    Vertigo Gaming

    25 天 前

    Did he not realize that he can just place the diamonds down and break them

  • Ethan Schaefer

    Ethan Schaefer

    25 天 前


  • John Gould

    John Gould

    25 天 前

    Can we just consider how bad Ryan is at the game? XD

  • GBA Gaming

    GBA Gaming

    25 天 前

    Congrats on 1.01mil subs

  • PMK_Gamer


    26 天 前

    U got like 10k subs overnight 😲

  • ltt011 1

    ltt011 1

    26 天 前

    WATER furnace

  • Sankalp Sthapit

    Sankalp Sthapit

    26 天 前

    Wow 2m in 19 day confirm

  • :3 Hi

    :3 Hi

    26 天 前

    All the people who were in this game seeing the title of this video be like: ........ DANGIT

  • Gaming Pro27

    Gaming Pro27

    26 天 前

    @RyanNotBrian: Chuck's out poerk for food
    Also @RyanNotBrian: keeps the rotten flesh

  • Night_Dream BG

    Night_Dream BG

    26 天 前

    You actually suck at 1.16 pvp

  • Izuii


    26 天 前


  • Izuii


    26 天 前


  • Ragnar Loorberg

    Ragnar Loorberg

    26 天 前

    Im on a marathon

  • Gunnar Reitenour

    Gunnar Reitenour

    26 天 前

    This is the craziest seed ever

  • faith ahunne

    faith ahunne

    26 天 前

    its so triggering how bad this dude is

  • Tag McDonald

    Tag McDonald

    27 天 前

    I normally cant watch 40 minute videos but, this was an exception

  • brae9 land

    brae9 land

    27 天 前

    base knocked out for five minutes, first person he sees DID YOU KNOCK MY BASE OUT

  • Flxralcl0uddz


    27 天 前

    1:54 my ears dude, there is strawberry jam coming out my ears

  • Leo Terres

    Leo Terres

    27 天 前

    Do a bed wars in a normal World

  • Brutal turtle

    Brutal turtle

    27 天 前

    My name is karim and i don't suck u do

  • Alex Garrido

    Alex Garrido

    27 天 前

    CREEPER IS NOT GONNA EXPLODE *explodes* aw man :(.

    He called diamonds demons...

  • Wild Abby

    Wild Abby

    27 天 前

    33:10 you can place the diamond oars and break it 🤭 LOL Or I guess you could smelt it where your base was

  • Jaco


    27 天 前

    Hmmm over 5k id say its a bit more

  • Wassim Chbab

    Wassim Chbab

    27 天 前

    I was triggered when u made a diamond shovel instead of a pickaxe

  • Beyblade and gaming Shivam

    Beyblade and gaming Shivam

    27 天 前

    31:04 it says “please don’t die :(“ -ven

  • Hunter Hooper

    Hunter Hooper

    27 天 前

    Despite some triggering moments Ryan did an EPIC job this season! You gotta give him credits.

  • Hunter Hooper

    Hunter Hooper

    27 天 前

    10:04 What a Pog Editor! Lol

  • Hunter Hooper

    Hunter Hooper

    27 天 前

    Not a Single Soul:
    Ryan: 2:28

  • Oi Sung Chang

    Oi Sung Chang

    27 天 前


  • • Mariox •

    • Mariox •

    27 天 前

    *When Ryan died*
    Me : YESSSSSSSSSS (for somereason ;-;)

  • Brian Infiesto

    Brian Infiesto

    27 天 前

    Love this

  • Jo Ta

    Jo Ta

    28 天 前

    I see them. I see diamond! Demons