Why Blue Whales Don't Get Cancer - Peto's Paradox

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    • wsywng


      17 天 前


    • Laggy bro

      Laggy bro

      24 天 前

      Sorry kurzgesagtevudvfkdhdh i dont have money

    • León Carlo Oviedo Barrientos

      León Carlo Oviedo Barrientos

      26 天 前

      One question, what do you use to animate and do all of that?

    • jayde M

      jayde M

      个月 前

      @liaojun liao o shot your right

    • liaojun liao

      liaojun liao

      个月 前

      Psssss.... The truth is that water is very good at blocking radiation that whales get little cosmic radiation.

  • Hongyang Jin

    Hongyang Jin

    小时 前

    So basically we should get as fat as possible so that cancer cells become a smaller % of our body.

  • Casatropic


    20 小时 前

    you don't have to put months of work into your videos if you just film yourself and explain.. cheap sellout

  • Sivakanth Nadarajah

    Sivakanth Nadarajah

    天 前

    In you videos the you will often change what the chimpanzee is holding due to the topic of the video

  • s j

    s j

    天 前

    cancer is killing cancer = you became the thing you very swore to destroy

  • lokko


    天 前

    so basically large animals get cancer and just body it cuz they're literally built different

  • vespyr


    天 前

    Why do they develop the ability to hide?
    They are aware they can be found?

    • Aghis Campeador

      Aghis Campeador

      天 前

      it's selection. they just developed it and got higher chance to survive. Therefore those that don't developed it died out and only the one with hide ability remains.

  • David Broughton

    David Broughton

    2 天 前

    But can the cancer that kills cancer also cause cancer?

  • wombo combo12

    wombo combo12

    2 天 前

    Blue whales:
    I used the cancer to destroy the cancer

  • Aki Amini

    Aki Amini

    2 天 前

    Well i have to say this video was really helpful for me

  • -찍찍이


    2 天 前

    요약:암이 암에 걸려 뒤질수 있다


  • Ian B

    Ian B

    5 天 前

    Humans get cancer because they eat crap all day.

  • Prajjwol Timilsina

    Prajjwol Timilsina

    5 天 前

    Evolution is caused by mutation which also causes cancer. So the adaption in large animals may conclude to stopage/slowing down of Evolution.
    That's my take .

  • Creeper Deepa

    Creeper Deepa

    5 天 前


  • englishjake


    6 天 前

    Could it be dietary?

  • C


    6 天 前

    So this is how Deadpool's body works 🤔

  • Tim Uren

    Tim Uren

    6 天 前

    Im pretty sure we'll figure out this is mostly just diet.

  • Josh McCray

    Josh McCray

    7 天 前

    Cuz they don’t eat McDonald’s and Coca-Cola

  • NaLeCo


    7 天 前

    Is this game on steam?

  • Humanihilis


    7 天 前

    Thanos cancer : i'll do it my self

  • moogle


    7 天 前

    "I used the cancer to destroy the cancer" - idunno Thanos probably

  • Akitorbenov


    7 天 前

    Can those kind of animals be less exposed to the s*it we, mouses, cats and dogs are?

  • yaroslav moskalenko

    yaroslav moskalenko

    8 天 前

    Because they are vegetarians ^-^

    • Aydo Tornado

      Aydo Tornado

      5 天 前

      Nah, whales eat fish

  • Temmie_The_Legendary_Overlord


    8 天 前

    Cells: You have freed us!
    Hypertumors: Oh, I wouldn't say "freed," more like "under new management."

  • Egg-Roll


    8 天 前

    Video: Big animals don't get cancer
    Naked Mole-Rat: Am I joke to you?

  • DevilRedHD


    9 天 前

    they dont smoke or have "breasts" lol

  • h4w4j


    9 天 前


  • Small gamer boi 13

    Small gamer boi 13

    10 天 前

    Me when league of legends

  • Lucas Elwood

    Lucas Elwood

    10 天 前

    What's to stop the hypercancer cells from becoming just as much of a problem to the host large animal once the original cancer that they spawned off of terminates completely?

  • Random potato

    Random potato

    10 天 前

    wait what if the cancer cells in bigger animals are slower so they have more time to get killed?

  • Dominic Barker

    Dominic Barker

    11 天 前

    Just thinking. If the hypercancer theory kills cancer surely we could individualise one of the cancer cells from the original copies and therefore make hyper cancers for people suffering and possible saving or at least prolonging lives?

  • Ali Maestro

    Ali Maestro

    11 天 前


  • Mansion Booker Studios

    Mansion Booker Studios

    11 天 前

    Great job 👏 go watch yeonmi park to save North Korea that need to be freed o

  • Peter Tannus

    Peter Tannus

    12 天 前

    Can we take a hyper tumer and put it in someone that has cancer and it kills the cancer and then we take it out bc its smaller than the original cancer?

  • mish mash

    mish mash

    12 天 前

    Bullshit. They understand cancer,just like how they have the cure for aids when they say they don't.

    • ⰎⰋⰕⰜⰑⰓⰡⰁ225


      4 天 前

      @mish mash Whatever you're on, stop it. Or take more. Whichever because the current dose is not working. I can't even understand you.

    • Aydo Tornado

      Aydo Tornado

      5 天 前

      where did you get this from?

    • mish mash

      mish mash

      5 天 前


    • ⰎⰋⰕⰜⰑⰓⰡⰁ225


      5 天 前

      Who is "they"?

  • js002003


    12 天 前

    "The bigger the animal, the more immune to cancer it is"
    Me on my way to In n Out to order 2 double doubles and a shake: "Say no more"

  • Voidking Playz

    Voidking Playz

    13 天 前

    No wonder why everone wants to be tall less chance if cancer XR

  • Bad Names Left

    Bad Names Left

    13 天 前

    Dwarfs: Ahh shi-

  • Alberto Eusebio

    Alberto Eusebio

    14 天 前

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  • Ian McNally

    Ian McNally

    15 天 前

    thats one of the most absurd theories Ive ever hear i love it

  • Barack H. Obama

    Barack H. Obama

    15 天 前

    When you're so cancerous your cancer has cancer.

  • Max Ng

    Max Ng

    16 天 前

    Elephants: I used the cancer to kill the cancer

  • Tomas Kildišius

    Tomas Kildišius

    16 天 前

    Cancer is the only thing you should wish cancer upon.

  • Rockyfrijolito


    16 天 前

    Us: (baby Yoda mode) yeah, kill that tumor
    Hypertumor: i am going to kill you too
    Us: one more year is one more year

  • Jax Mood

    Jax Mood

    17 天 前

    Cancer isn’t a good thing to live with when my doctor confirmed to me my mum was cancer free after the powerful herbs supplements I ordered from Dr.kanayo Peterson 😱 I was so shocked because I never thought that could work just needed to try all means for her to be well.
    It was naturally herbs and nothing more! I totally believed Nature is life 💯 I’m so grateful to you doctor

  • 86 STREET

    86 STREET

    17 天 前

    Well like the bumper sticker says

    F@$k cancer.

  • Baris Klausen

    Baris Klausen

    17 天 前

    wut if we can make tumor suppressor gene and in plant them ass vacsin of some kind and test it wuts the effects and wuts the deeffcts that are bad !?

  • Karla Sinta

    Karla Sinta

    17 天 前

    1:31 the immune cell looks cool

  • nagakm 1980

    nagakm 1980

    17 天 前

    can u tell what software u r using

  • PigeonWithAGun


    17 天 前

    aren't paradoxes contradictory concepts? Or is this a different kind of paradox.

  • Lindsay Smith

    Lindsay Smith

    18 天 前

    Just a shot in the dark here, why not figure out how to engineer that rogue cancer cell that kills the original cancer cell, biofarm that shit, and inject it back in to the cancer

  • Mike Jowan

    Mike Jowan

    18 天 前

    Ive never been described as a protein robot before

  • Crusader of the Holy Reich

    Crusader of the Holy Reich

    18 天 前

    Never stop making vids plz

  • Ben Rowe

    Ben Rowe

    18 天 前

    Why they don't get cancer: they might have cancer..

  • RaptorMate


    19 天 前

    Evolve or become a blob of cancer
    the Pokémon i have never cared about evolving: oh no...

  • E G'aldi

    E G'aldi

    19 天 前

    diet and lifestyle is also important. blue whale diet seems rather healthy. modern human on the other hand.

  • Rage 2000

    Rage 2000

    19 天 前

    So what happens if a large animal is exposed to radiation

  • Альмир


    19 天 前

    Outstanding! as usually

  • Alexandra !

    Alexandra !

    19 天 前

    Cancer cell: mutates into hypertumor
    Cancer: _It's time to get funky_

  • Xeno Smoke

    Xeno Smoke

    19 天 前

    How do massive sea creatures that migrate from deep to shallow water deal with the change in pressure gradients at a cellular level?
    That’s gotta be a video idea right there.



    19 天 前

    no wonder why my friends mom hasn't gotten cancer lately

  • 아놔이거머임


    19 天 前

    암이 암에 걸려 죽는다는 말이 실화였네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • UttermostVids


    20 天 前

    "Zera point zerazerazerazera"

  • Sound-nin


    20 天 前

    Me, after watching Cells at work: ah, starting with cells, this should be easy
    me, halfway through this video: haha what?? *sweats•

  • Lizaness Content

    Lizaness Content

    20 天 前

    Cancer killing cancer is just friendly fire



    20 天 前

    “Cancer is killing cancer”

    Me: uhh aaaa eidknamalcofiruwjwi skiblibob

  • The Liam nators

    The Liam nators

    20 天 前

    So the cure to cancer is to make human big monke

  • Amit Rana

    Amit Rana

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    Jean Barker

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    Mabel Weiss

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    IceMan Kicks

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    Bonnie Bonnie

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  • fella


    21 天 前

    hypertumors sounded more spooky than a spooky scary skeleton but they’re actually pog

  • aary vispute

    aary vispute

    22 天 前

    The animations of this channel are just so cute

  • Balabak


    22 天 前

    Big mamals: I used cancer to destroy cancer



    22 天 前

    isn’t it because they have more white blood cells since they’re larger? seems like the simpler explanation here

  • Janine Manning

    Janine Manning

    22 天 前

    why does the thumbnail look like survior from jojo



    23 天 前

    The sponsor is!!!! You

  • Angry Bird 2 Gamer

    Angry Bird 2 Gamer

    23 天 前

    “Remains unsolved to this day”
    “To understand why”

  • Gharial Numbat

    Gharial Numbat

    23 天 前

    But why doesn't hyper cancer kill us? The hyper cancer will just steal from the body after it kills the OG cancer right? So it will work like normal cancer once it has killed the original cancer?

    • Gharial Numbat

      Gharial Numbat

      23 天 前

      @Wubba Lubba Dub Dub nice thanks

    • Wubba Lubba Dub Dub

      Wubba Lubba Dub Dub

      23 天 前

      because it only feeds on cancer cells

  • Ozzy Helix

    Ozzy Helix

    24 天 前

    curing cancer would probably expand the life span of humans

  • Roy Belovoskey

    Roy Belovoskey

    24 天 前

    The solution to the paradox for anyone who cares is to make an MRI machine large enough to fit a whale inside. The next step is obvious lol you need to check the entire whale for tumors. We would have to analyze the number of tumors and the size of them. Those measurements will give us an indication of the impact hypertumors have on cancer development.

  • Everybody Jay

    Everybody Jay

    25 天 前

    I am a simple guy I see the word paradox I click play

  • Boen Cao

    Boen Cao

    25 天 前

    “Large animals are immune to cancer”
    Me: then why people in US are still getting cancer?

    • Tim Uren

      Tim Uren

      6 天 前

      Roasted 😂

    • sydisticsandman


      18 天 前


    • The guy who didnt ask

      The guy who didnt ask

      21 天 前

      sir i think u dropped this 👑

    • Marco Ferro

      Marco Ferro

      21 天 前


  • Phellipe Ribeiro

    Phellipe Ribeiro

    25 天 前

    Cancer kills cancer
    Feels like Anti-Venom vs Venom

  • Anonxfg


    25 天 前

    *Well maybe, i don't want to be the bad guy anymore*

  • Johanka Jentschke

    Johanka Jentschke

    26 天 前

    I would love to buy your merch but I'm broke

  • Sprinkle Man

    Sprinkle Man

    26 天 前

    So basically Hypertumors are just:
    “I used the cancer to destroy the cancer”

  • Lakshya Joshi

    Lakshya Joshi

    26 天 前

    Bruh, I clicked on the brawl stats animations playlist. And I got cancer. 🙄

  • Cayden Kelly

    Cayden Kelly

    26 天 前

    Tumorception, a tumor inside of a tumor

  • Ice13


    27 天 前

    A cancer cell is just a revolutionary, who'd want to serve a lazy creature until you die

  • Zavier Huynh

    Zavier Huynh

    27 天 前

    >:( why can we only get cancer unfair also Kurzgesagt you teach me a lot

  • Mella Berry

    Mella Berry

    27 天 前

    Honestly I'm not surprised humans have such a high cancer rate. We went from cooperative creatures working together to build stuff and multiply to selfish corrupted things trying to trick and starve each other for personal gain. Nature only makes so many patterns, sometimes they tend to repeat.

  • Gloxy Plays

    Gloxy Plays

    28 天 前

    Because whale don’t smoke🤡

  • Ger Harrington

    Ger Harrington

    29 天 前

    could u make a video that imagines a new pandemic

  • LumozLP


    29 天 前

    Does that mean the bigger the human, the less likely they are to get cancer?
    Or am I too stupid to get it?

  • Logan Kanekoa

    Logan Kanekoa

    个月 前

    Why does this video of cancer remind me of humans nowadays

  • Saturn


    个月 前


  • Rooney Daniel Cash Medrano

    Rooney Daniel Cash Medrano

    个月 前

    Cancer may become many ways in several organs and it's hard to understand clearly.

  • Hellscream Games

    Hellscream Games

    个月 前

    Good video.