Season 2019: A New Journey | League of Legends

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Season 2019: A New Journey

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Inspired by the true story of Michelle, a university student and League of Legends player who joined a team and joined the fight. Season 2019 of League of Legends starts now! It’s On.

Animation: P.A. Works
Director: Shingo Yamashita
Vocals and Lyrics: AmaLee -
Additional Mixing and Engineering: Shawn Christmas and Freddy van Hoof

See the full production credits here -

League of Legends
  • Mecoboy


    2 天 前

    te la rifaste campeon
    no te da ahora sacar una de smite

  • Lurker Andy

    Lurker Andy

    4 天 前


  • HunkJunk


    6 天 前

    Just realized that there is a Gwen doll in the begining.

  • studio_cat


    7 天 前


  • Earl John Marcadejas

    Earl John Marcadejas

    8 天 前

    0:19 "valoran"

  • Diana Santos

    Diana Santos

    8 天 前

    alguien sabe como se llama la canción

  • Max Valdes

    Max Valdes

    9 天 前

    porfavor dejen de recomendarme esta mierda, odio el anime.

  • Amadeus Senpai

    Amadeus Senpai

    9 天 前

    i like how Valorant was basically teased so well that nobody noticed. if i´m not mistaken at the moment it was still called ´´Project A´´.

  • Chronotech


    9 天 前

    People think this is what league is actually like.
    I miss the league of legends that was, like in the first major tournament. Just a couple of bros.

  • Kristoffer Francisco

    Kristoffer Francisco

    10 天 前

    Anyone Noitced Valoran?

  • mail man

    mail man

    10 天 前

    Ew yasou main

  • Gabriel Le Pen

    Gabriel Le Pen

    12 天 前

    *_please, no, don't._*

  • leonardo liao

    leonardo liao

    14 天 前

    gwen al segundo 0:01

  • Desu


    15 天 前

    0:19 Valorant tease

  • Kalil Ibrahim

    Kalil Ibrahim

    15 天 前

    Esto es todo menos lol falta la toxicidad y los feeders

  • Gustavo


    17 天 前

    great music XD

  • Gojou


    17 天 前

    Yaso 0/21/0= vem x1 lixo

  • MrMan


    18 天 前

    Omg report ahri for troll
    Wasted E on elder
    Mid diff
    Report ahri

  • 대한군인1님


    18 天 前

    응 과학자 페이커도 걸렀죠 ㅋㅋㄹㅃㅃ

  • Díaz Rodrigo 3G

    Díaz Rodrigo 3G

    20 天 前

    Pasen name del anime xd

  • Remui Beats

    Remui Beats

    22 天 前

    depression:The Anime

  • 후무후무누쿠누쿠아푸아아.


    22 天 前


  • HippityHop


    23 天 前

    Road to Paris

  • P OL

    P OL

    23 天 前


  • Emunia🎮


    24 天 前

    yanto looks cool here

  • Best Lee Sin NA

    Best Lee Sin NA

    24 天 前

    it's been 2 years...league just degrades with more and more content and flash. RIP seasons 1-4

  • Daniela Cruz

    Daniela Cruz

    24 天 前


    • xD


      16 天 前

      League of legends

  • Hi Bye

    Hi Bye

    24 天 前

    Trash game, wonderful animation

  • AidanIsCursed


    25 天 前

    back before this game made me wanna die.

    • Meurdo


      11 天 前

      I feel like this game made me wanna die for almost 6 years

  • Gasury


    26 天 前

    cada like es una firma para tener computadoras 100% dedicadas al lol en escuelas del 3er mundo :3

  • Augusto Lobo

    Augusto Lobo

    27 天 前

    Look, why don't you make a cannon lore anime now? Gotta admit that this was pretty nice, very well animated, good looking design. Come on riot, every one would love it

  • Grimlock Greg

    Grimlock Greg

    27 天 前

    Can I just say ... ornn

  • Sadsack


    28 天 前

    Just realised how epic it must be in the champions point of view and how TERRIFYING reworked fiddlesticks ult is for them, i mean a large demonic scarecrow just appears out of no where when u and ur team is trying to get dragon and starts sucking ur soul out.

  • Kosshi


    29 天 前

    *The Weeb/Otakus has taken over this video.*

  • Karco


    29 天 前

    I don't know if someone else realized that already, quite possibly so but at 0:18 was that a Valorant teaser? Logo is pretty much the same and only thing missing is a T.

    • xD


      29 天 前

      Nah Valoran is continent on Runeterra

  • lautaro_mc__


    个月 前

    WTF q es esto

  • Vision Zarako

    Vision Zarako

    个月 前

    When is this anime continuing? I would love to see the romance between them, good stuff. XD

  • Fabricio Montesinos Yaranga

    Fabricio Montesinos Yaranga

    个月 前

    Name of music

  • Renz Hector Vargas

    Renz Hector Vargas

    个月 前

    I wish riot will made an anime like that

  • Alpha Clouder (AlphaClouder)

    Alpha Clouder (AlphaClouder)

    个月 前

    There's just something cool about seeing league like this. Riot! We need an anime!!

  • Tercio


    个月 前

    I don't play LOL but if this was a real anime I'd definitely watch it, like anime characters playing a LOL tournament. we haven't seen this before, haven't we? (SAO it's more ISEKAI type so it doesn't count.)

  • vlad nekro

    vlad nekro

    个月 前

    0:04 wild rift trailer

  • Héctor Arango

    Héctor Arango

    个月 前

    Unrealistic as every anime

  • El fisura

    El fisura

    个月 前

    tengo los huevos por el piso de que me salga siempre la misma publicidad de los cojones

  • Josue Silva Santos

    Josue Silva Santos

    个月 前


  • night


    个月 前

    Sure not many would have noticed but when I saw the announcement for the second time I realized something in the second 0:18 says they "valoran" and it comes out almost all the time
    You know what I mean, right?

    • Crespo Leonel

      Crespo Leonel

      个月 前

      valoran se llama la región en donde están los paises de lol xd

  • Randomizer (Ram)

    Randomizer (Ram)

    个月 前

    Was looking for this.



    个月 前

    This is 100% cancer and stupid

  • John Dela Cruz

    John Dela Cruz

    个月 前

    Hard to believe this came out during 2019

  • 8blue blue8

    8blue blue8

    个月 前


  • NoridomiZR


    个月 前


  • No se Que poner

    No se Que poner

    个月 前


  • Carlos Amaya2

    Carlos Amaya2

    个月 前


  • ಠ_ಠ


    个月 前

    0:49 i think that is the old valorant logo

    • xD


      个月 前

      Valoran is continent on Runeterra

  • Arcrokter


    个月 前

    such a nice ornn match

  • Arjan cris Ballogan

    Arjan cris Ballogan

    个月 前

    Awesome 😊😁

  • Breadonald Fong

    Breadonald Fong

    个月 前

    0:48 valorant easter egg????(look at the banner at the back)

    • xD


      个月 前

      Valoran is continent on Runeterra

  • Evo_ Ryuko

    Evo_ Ryuko

    个月 前


  • Zen shi

    Zen shi

    个月 前

    I wish i enjoy playing with teammates like them, while we start flaming as soon as im playing a match

  • Eduard XD

    Eduard XD

    个月 前

    como engaña Riot a la genteXD

  • Alparslan Taş

    Alparslan Taş

    个月 前


  • Rossario Nyum

    Rossario Nyum

    个月 前

    When I end my high school imma be a league player with my friend, that's one of my dream

  • Herzmlug


    个月 前

    Arcane is released on Netflix boys lets goo

  • Mikaelstrom


    个月 前


    • xD


      个月 前

      Valoran *

  • B Worm

    B Worm

    个月 前

    at 0:09 the banner says V A L O R A N, I'm assuming its an Easter egg for valorant (im 100% sure it is), but its nice to see little easter eggs like jetts wanted poster in the true damage giants video.

    • xD


      个月 前

      Valoran is continent on Runeterra. And Valorant is based on this name

  • Rem


    个月 前

    i had goosebumps watching this - soo good!

  • Antonio Cabral

    Antonio Cabral

    个月 前

    Pls stop the cartoon and make a animé plssss

  • Gerald


    个月 前

    She looks like that girl in one endless Lofi music

  • Rommel Barca

    Rommel Barca

    个月 前

    Bahhh anu na? 2 year na ahhh!!!!

  • Mohamad Saif Imran

    Mohamad Saif Imran

    个月 前

    Valoran in the background i see

  • Nikkeru Taisa

    Nikkeru Taisa

    个月 前

    I want anime z tego

  • Chウサギ


    个月 前

    anime : knows about teammate
    real : discord is my friend

  • Pablo Inzunza

    Pablo Inzunza

    个月 前

    espera... la gente que juega lol sale de su casa? se enamora? really?

  • Rockhide


    个月 前


  • Juan Alvarez

    Juan Alvarez

    个月 前

    Estaba bueno el anime pero el final me parecio muy triste, la chica sin que se diera cuenta le engaña con el musculoso y juega unas rankeds donde subio a diamante, de ahi el chico se preguntaba como ella subio tan rapido cuando el estaba en oro, luego la ve conectada y al ver su partida en modo espectador descubre que juegan rakan y xayah en bot y se pone triste al descubrir eso y se suicida.

  • davichost 1

    davichost 1

    个月 前

    Join the navy vibes

  • Chicken Noodle

    Chicken Noodle

    个月 前

    wat an inaccurate depiction of lol

  • Dev Kird

    Dev Kird

    个月 前


  • 【 R a y _ 】

    【 R a y _ 】

    个月 前

    0:48 me and the boys when the enemy team doesn't pick Volibear or Master Yi

  • Zitros Caker

    Zitros Caker

    个月 前

    Looks like the comps I get on my promos

  • AGC Beats

    AGC Beats

    个月 前

    un anime luego por favor :((

  • Senku


    个月 前


  • Drakeminos Team BlackSide

    Drakeminos Team BlackSide

    个月 前

    RIven jungle MMM

  • Bryan Timothy Lozano

    Bryan Timothy Lozano

    个月 前

    "Valoran" "Valorant" Ummmm

  • ‏‏‏‏


    个月 前


  • Luki Ken

    Luki Ken

    个月 前

    Who else saw the "Valorant" Banner?

    • xD


      个月 前

      It says Valoran

  • Mega Bonker

    Mega Bonker

    个月 前

    this is expectation

  • Don Maku

    Don Maku

    个月 前

    Anime name pls???

  • Keith Strongshadow

    Keith Strongshadow

    个月 前

    League of Legends anime show should happen, but with more of a Wreck-It-Ralph player controls live gaming character. If you disagree I won't argue.

  • Nahuel Villalva Insua

    Nahuel Villalva Insua

    个月 前

    I WANT AN ANIMEEE!!!!!!!!!!

    • Aaron


      个月 前

      Same dude same

  • SUSeł


    个月 前

    Trashuo mains

  • Dmitriy_Palaguta


    个月 前

    Где бы себе найти таких вот друзей людей.

  • Asafe Fróes

    Asafe Fróes

    个月 前

    alguem faz um anime do league pfv

  • 1sv Adriana Lucia Girón Velarde

    1sv Adriana Lucia Girón Velarde

    个月 前

    ame el anuncio xD habla la otaku arre ya bésense y cásense xD

  • abran organista

    abran organista

    个月 前

    enemy team
    blitzcrank, ekko, caitlyn, zoe, and maybe vi

  • Lucacha OK

    Lucacha OK

    个月 前

    what riven jungle report riven troll

  • Liz Minocceli

    Liz Minocceli

    个月 前

    Riot só faz merda, agora lança a porra do lol versão animekakkakakakcomo que eu odeio essa empresa kakakakka

    • DarkZ


      个月 前


  • Juan Granados_Garcia

    Juan Granados_Garcia

    个月 前

    girls dont play lol wtf
    u mean



    个月 前

    lol the actual game is full of pain

  • Frezzy 01

    Frezzy 01

    个月 前

    Aaaaaaaa is thes anime or