Understand Native English Speakers with this Advanced Listening Lesson

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English Speaking Success
  • Sümeyra


    17 分钟 前

    Amazing!! Thx a lot

  • JÔ

    小时 前

    Amando sua aula. Eu tenho muita dificuldade em falar. Entender o nativo falando é complicado! Você está descomplicado.
    Falo da cidade de São Paulo - Brasil.

  • Garfield


    小时 前

    Even though English is my first language, I think it’s cool to understand what I’m doing when I’m speaking and I don’t even realize it

  • Garfield


    小时 前

    Good thing he has a British accent, as learning from someone with an American accent would be much harder since it’s generally more messy

  • Peter Leonard

    Peter Leonard

    小时 前

    I'm teaching in Barcelona giving speaking classes, I'm forever telling people to invest in listening. Listening is often confused with comprehension thanks to the system and that little test at the end. So many accents and variations to learn. Variety is the spice of life!
    Great vid!

  • Youtube Channel

    Youtube Channel

    2 小时 前

    See you have a good day.

  • Beyza


    4 小时 前

    ıf in our schools had a teacher as you, believe,ı would be more succesful

  • Elaine Cheng

    Elaine Cheng

    5 小时 前

    I have found that the English accent from people in Plymouth is rather difficult to catch. Definitely, your accent comes with pure spoken English and its easy to listen. Thank you very much.

  • Hernan Galvez

    Hernan Galvez

    6 小时 前

    should we have a good day - that´s what i heard

  • Jurgen Karl Cheng

    Jurgen Karl Cheng

    8 小时 前

    it helps. thank you.

  • Anvar Boboxonov

    Anvar Boboxonov

    9 小时 前

    She will go home day😂😂😂

  • Lestat666 VoXGames

    Lestat666 VoXGames

    9 小时 前

    im on Yorkshare now, and i speak english day by day for 5 years, and here i feel like analphabet.

  • Mr Mavik

    Mr Mavik

    9 小时 前

    Should we go and have a good day?

  • اہلِ ذوق

    اہلِ ذوق

    13 小时 前

    Should we go, have a good day



    13 小时 前

    It is great.

  • Pilen Munther

    Pilen Munther

    15 小时 前

    “Shall we go and have a good day”
    Is it the sentence that he said ?

  • Meeko Pal

    Meeko Pal

    15 小时 前

    Very seldom to find English native speakers who haven't gone to university to talk that fluently and legibly.

  • nida fariza

    nida fariza

    17 小时 前


  • Irina Ibragimova

    Irina Ibragimova

    18 小时 前

    It's really nice!!!

  • Hussain K. Hasn

    Hussain K. Hasn

    19 小时 前

    Amazing explaination.
    We Appreciat that Mr. Keith
    Thanks a bunch♡

  • 周小路


    23 小时 前

    English is the hardest language to learn,not like French or Chinese which is prounced very clearly, English always drop or speed up some words. The difference made the French,Chinese,Japanese people confused,also the main reason why these country's people couldn't speak English well.For example, they pronounced "the rabbit has been eating some of the carrots" like "the rabbit's BEATING SON of carrots".If there was a most unfriendly language to Non-native speaker,I would say English is!

  • Wandy Louis Juste

    Wandy Louis Juste

    天 前

    It's been interesting. Thank you teacher Keith!

  • Wandy Louis Juste

    Wandy Louis Juste

    天 前

    The way you teach is very amusing! I'm edified. I can clearly listen to your accent. I appreciate you teacher.

  • Designer


    天 前

    1.) Should’ve go have a good day.

    1-)Shall we go. :)

  • Taylan Erkci

    Taylan Erkci

    天 前

    I thought he was saying "sure we gonna have a good day"

  • Виктор Клименко

    Виктор Клименко

    天 前

    Эвасом мэн)))

  • Cynthia Navarro

    Cynthia Navarro

    天 前

    ”Should we go and have a good day”

  • Radmila Sidorenko

    Radmila Sidorenko

    天 前

    Should we have a good day

  • Afra Juthi

    Afra Juthi

    天 前

    Another one amazing lesson video. Thanks my favourite Teacher Keith ❤️❤️

  • Wagaye Dogoma

    Wagaye Dogoma

    天 前

    Ilaki English lering but I am not wont school. Because I am not diraving afitre naw I am traye for English more lering I am peromss afeter vist ok

  • Naomi Vanmaele

    Naomi Vanmaele

    天 前

    Should we go have a good day

  • adam kosc

    adam kosc

    天 前

    i dont understand

  • jesus martinez

    jesus martinez

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  • jesus martinez

    jesus martinez

    天 前

    You are my New hero !!

  • Caio Andrade

    Caio Andrade

    天 前

    everyone who is learning english should watch this video



    天 前

    Very nice video

  • Hardy


    天 前

    Hi there, I saw this video from the timeline. I mean, I'm not gonna give an exam.
    However, I would like to share my experience, which is pretty amazing for others.
    I can understand British, Australian English for 99%, but it's really hard to understand American English which I understand for 70%. Everyone I know says that the American accent is easier for understanding than the British. No, for me it's wrong.
    It gets hard when Americans mutter something under their breath. Plus my brain translates word afterword, not like it listens to the whole sentence and tries to translate it after and change the strange words with synonyms. No, if I hear some strange word my brain gets stuck on it and doesn't listen to the rest of the sentence. In the end, I figured out that I had no clue what they just said, because my brain fixed on one word and skipped everything after it.
    However, I would like to have advice on it. Ofc, English is my fourth language, I learnt it for myself, however I'd like to improve it. Btw, someone said that TV and radio help, but no. Speakers on TV got excellent punctuation and it doesn't help anyhow. Thanks

  • mahdi zare

    mahdi zare

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  • Thu Nguyen

    Thu Nguyen

    天 前

    Thank you so much for this very useful video with the knowledge I am needing. I hope you make much more videos about advanced listening skills. Thanks a lot

  • Anand MV Anand

    Anand MV Anand

    天 前

    Sir, slowly i can understand native speaking.

  • Maks SIlva

    Maks SIlva

    天 前

    Thank you for tell ling us the secret

  • Rafael Dannenhauer

    Rafael Dannenhauer

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  • saddam hossain

    saddam hossain

    2 天 前

    I have no money. So how i get this!

  • Monica Cagnina

    Monica Cagnina

    2 天 前

    Thank you so much!! I am a spanish speaker learning english! This video was very useful for me, Teacher!

  • madelaine


    2 天 前

    So you have a good day

  • Ines London

    Ines London

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    Shul WE have a good day

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    Віталій Мартинюк

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    Hour Dara

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    Should we go and have a good Day

  • Trang Tran

    Trang Tran

    2 天 前

    you're the coolest teacher ever :D

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    Balqis Khairunnisa

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  • Dian Lestari

    Dian Lestari

    2 天 前

    oh wow.. This my first time here and thanks a lot Sir for this video. Amazing..

  • Kay Harms

    Kay Harms

    2 天 前

    I’m English and why is English so complicated lol wtf never thought about that once in 20 years I can see now why some people struggle with learning it

  • shruti panda

    shruti panda

    2 天 前

    Should we go out and have a good day??🤔

  • Tania Ashta

    Tania Ashta

    2 天 前

    So you gonna have a good day is the phrase ...

  • Jishnu R Nair

    Jishnu R Nair

    2 天 前

    Hello Keith..
    Which is your favorite English music band?

  • devyn eynes

    devyn eynes

    2 天 前

    Hello, I just signed up for your channel, I am studying English on my own, and when I see your videos I notice that there is a gulf between grammar and pronunciation, I will continue watching your excellent videos little by little, greetings from Argentina! Postscript: I still need the google translator.

  • West Cilacap English

    West Cilacap English

    2 天 前

    If the learners can understand what you say .i think they Will get much knowledge from you. Thanks

  • Petre TV

    Petre TV

    3 天 前

    I rarely speak my language

  • Monster


    3 天 前

    God bless you, it helps me a lot

  • Анастасия Сташевская

    Анастасия Сташевская

    3 天 前

    by cash??? not in cash?!!)

  • Edmar ED

    Edmar ED

    3 天 前

    Very good vídeo!

  • Huy Nguyễn Công

    Huy Nguyễn Công

    3 天 前

    You are so funny. Your lecture is very clear and I can understand almost. Thank you very much, Teacher!

  • Юрий Кашичкин

    Юрий Кашичкин

    3 天 前

    Great video!

  • Matias Alfredo Batalla

    Matias Alfredo Batalla

    3 天 前

    Thank you for such good material!!! The coolest teacher ever!

  • Learning English

    Learning English

    3 天 前

    Thanks for the very very helpful module! Greetings from 'Learning English'!

  • Amos McUmber

    Amos McUmber

    3 天 前

    should we go on have a good day

  • endang sulistiawati

    endang sulistiawati

    3 天 前

    Hi Keith...I like the way you teach us...thank you very much.

  • irushi hansani

    irushi hansani

    3 天 前

    good work sir....thank you

  • Yanuar


    3 天 前

    Easy to understand

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    Upkardeep singh

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    juan de miguel blanco

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      juan de miguel blanco

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      I had the subtitles and I read it

  • English Sehla

    English Sehla

    3 天 前

    للمتكلمين بالعربية نفس هذه الدروس سوف نقوم بترجمتها على قناتي هذه
    اضغط على متابعة لتصلك الفيديوهات مع شرح مبسط بالانجليزي و العربي

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    Benjamin Potet

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    nechir kocher

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    Tryer To future

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  • Mimin Dandi

    Mimin Dandi

    4 天 前

    Only 3minutes 48second i look this video ... I am very like because exsplain me anything about English .... Actually i don't have good in listening ... Because when l'm trying to translate it .. so make me always late and loose the word's ... so it's was wrong for me to translate it 😂 ... So how i can understand of they speak or talk with me if am not see the word's .... I hope you are understood what i means 😭😭😭 and am sorry if my English so bad

    • Scrawny Clown Snatch

      Scrawny Clown Snatch

      3 天 前

      No, I understand you perfectly! I’m a native English speaker (learning French) who has the same troubles as you. When I translate the words in my head, I miss half the sentence lol I guess I just takes practice and exposure to the language. After some time, the sentences become predictable and you won’t have to think about it as much. It just takes patience You’re doing great so far! Keep going, you’re learning a lot ;)

  • Robson e Cintia Meirelles

    Robson e Cintia Meirelles

    4 天 前

    Speak slower, please
    I'm learning inglês yet

  • Julita Salve

    Julita Salve

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    Thank you.

  • Paola S.

    Paola S.

    4 天 前

    Hi. I need practice native English. Can you help me?

  • Drink & Think

    Drink & Think

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  • Code With Hossein

    Code With Hossein

    4 天 前

    My maternal language is persian and these tips were so useful for me! :)

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    adekoya lota medical centre

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  • Explore BODY, MIND and SOUL

    Explore BODY, MIND and SOUL

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    Esa Putri

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    U know what, he's helping me

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    4 天 前

    It's rare for me to finish videos teaching about English (language) because I have a struggle on focusing or fixating exclusively, and this is one of those that while closely watching I hadnt thought I finished to end.

  • Thu O Pham Huynh

    Thu O Pham Huynh

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  • Merve Özbaysar

    Merve Özbaysar

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    It was excellent !! I’m having difficulty in speaking But when I tried to imitate the way you spoke it sounded like a native !!! Thank your for this useful video !!

    • Robert Türke

      Robert Türke

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      Thank you Merve

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      Paola S.

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