Top 100 Catches of the 2020 Season!

添加 2021年02月19日
意见 340 387

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  • Brady Sherman

    Brady Sherman

    3 天 前

    0:51 how is that not higher than 96?

  • cbd_123


    6 天 前

    This is awesome

  • Briana Holland

    Briana Holland

    7 天 前

    Take the right to address because I didn’t know carefully how gobies was unprecedented.

  • Benjamin Girdauskas

    Benjamin Girdauskas

    11 天 前

    I don’t think people know how difficult Ceedee Lamb’s catch was😂. Good rank though.

  • Tommy Srsich

    Tommy Srsich

    12 天 前

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  • Crabsack McCringle

    Crabsack McCringle

    29 天 前

    Love not being able to see the last play due to YouTube’s end of video recommended thumbnails taking up the whole screen

  • Hugh Dilly

    Hugh Dilly

    个月 前

    Mike Williams against the Saints (24) should be number 1

  • Xxtra-Day


    个月 前

    20:11 that looked painful

  • David Lucio

    David Lucio

    个月 前

    Notice how the Broncos aren't on there



    个月 前

    They need to do top 100 plays in the super bowl

  • Aspxct TV

    Aspxct TV

    个月 前

    84 is terrible reffing. Obvious holding call not called

  • Khalil fomby

    Khalil fomby

    个月 前

    So was 29 was a catch?

  • lete.mp4


    个月 前

    Where’s Tyler Johnson divisional round catch against the saints

  • Chris Nicholas

    Chris Nicholas

    个月 前

    Notice how all of the Cardinals plays are DeAndre Hopkins.

  • SlurpVirtual


    个月 前

    Where the hell are the bengals in this

  • whdh


    个月 前

    TN titans are always the team on the opposite side of the great catch

  • Oliver Brooke

    Oliver Brooke

    个月 前

    How is Diontae Johnson’s TD catch against the Colts not on here? That was the turning point of the whole game

  • Guinei


    个月 前

    The nfl hates the bengals

  • M_a_s_o_n23


    个月 前

    16:56 didn't even count even thought he did catch it

  • Dwaine Schlembach

    Dwaine Schlembach

    个月 前

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  • xd Rgdragon7

    xd Rgdragon7

    个月 前

    How tf do they still find a way to put a cheifs play that didn't count in here.

  • Dakota Womack

    Dakota Womack

    个月 前

    So I guess Kendrick Bourne mossing 4 cowboys on a Hail Mary TD isn’t a top 10 catch

  • Garrett Schroeder

    Garrett Schroeder

    个月 前

    Lmao ig we just forgot ruggs completely mossed one of the chiefs corners in week 5

  • Andre Reyes

    Andre Reyes

    个月 前

    Jimmy graham catch against the bucs?? Darnell Mooney catch against the packers??😑

  • Anthony Pereda

    Anthony Pereda

    个月 前

    Dhop was on this list 6 times

  • first last

    first last

    个月 前

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  • Warr Chyld

    Warr Chyld

    个月 前

    Catch 31 was all luck definitely shouldn't have made thus list

  • Noah Cusick

    Noah Cusick

    个月 前

    Number 59, the interception by Porter Gustin is my fav

  • Not Mason.

    Not Mason.

    个月 前

    I hate how bias the nfl is

  • dan yal

    dan yal

    个月 前

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  • Carlos CastañosG

    Carlos CastañosG

    个月 前

    Where tf is adams catch on double coverage vs the eagles

  • parmele husman

    parmele husman

    个月 前

    The outrageous shoulder comprehensively raise because server serendipitously contain against a elfin mustard. ruthless, dull orchestra

  • dan yal

    dan yal

    个月 前

    The shivering feather sporadically avoid because city moberly command behind a equal radar. unsightly, cloistered straw

  • Cody Miller

    Cody Miller

    个月 前

    How do you not add a jonnu smith td against the jags, had multiple, as well as the one in gb, and only a single aj brown catch, seriously!?? Clearly favors certain teams over others.

  • Jill Suhr

    Jill Suhr

    个月 前

    21:10 should be like number 2 not number 15

  • johncianchette


    个月 前

    kendrick bourne hail mary is too low

  • Ugandan Knuckles

    Ugandan Knuckles

    个月 前

    What about Laviska Shenault off the helmet against the Vikings

  • Jesse James

    Jesse James

    个月 前

    I would've switched #1 and #2. Are we forgetting Fitz was in the middle of getting his head ripped off and had zero idea where he was throwing the ball to but used his instincts on where he thought his receiver was last.

  • Nicholas Oh

    Nicholas Oh

    个月 前

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  • Tim Jäger

    Tim Jäger

    个月 前

    fitz agaibst philly?

  • FirasplayzFortnite


    个月 前

    where is the interception with bills vs ravens 102 yards

  • Grant Gordon

    Grant Gordon

    个月 前

    Where is the play where golden Tate missed the eagles corner

  • B dog

    B dog

    个月 前

    The Jordan Reed one shoulda been lower. That was insane

  • Thaddyator 56

    Thaddyator 56

    个月 前

    I bet tyreeks catch woulda been higher if it was ruled a catch

  • Froosty Man

    Froosty Man

    个月 前

    So I guess Tyler Johnson’s probably super bowl changing moment wasn’t good???!?!?!

  • HotRollerMan


    个月 前

    Y’all really snubbed Lockett

  • DimeTimePrime


    个月 前

    after the moss hopkins did to the bills bill bout to draft a cb or saftey LMAO

  • Oliver Mcmann

    Oliver Mcmann

    个月 前

    How was diggs missing the raiders not on here

  • Gerard Ligonde

    Gerard Ligonde

    个月 前

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  • Jaime Q

    Jaime Q

    个月 前

    Texans on these list 0 times Hopkins on these list 5 times including #1 that just tell you how dumb we are for letting him go

  • Zachary Bird

    Zachary Bird

    个月 前

    Steelers had 96th and 64th, no explosive plays like we used to have, it's just disappointing.

  • Сергей Земницкий

    Сергей Земницкий

    个月 前

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  • Thomas Sankara

    Thomas Sankara

    个月 前

    Ceedee Lamb has the Catch of the Year and I say this as an Eagles fan

  • Brandon Farrington

    Brandon Farrington

    个月 前

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  • Shane Powers

    Shane Powers

    个月 前


  • Cony Lee

    Cony Lee

    个月 前

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    • smeagol1409


      个月 前


  • silent user

    silent user

    个月 前

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  • Deacon Gabel

    Deacon Gabel

    个月 前

    I'm happy for DeAndre Hopkins and I want to see the Texans burn

  • Que first Name

    Que first Name

    个月 前

    Crazy Richard Rodgers has had 2 Hail Mary catches on both teams

  • Darren Smith

    Darren Smith

    个月 前

    In #10 when Thielen spun the ball with one hand to get a better grip that is just absolutely filthy

  • MinecraftLetsPlay


    个月 前

    That's my boy ceedee😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

  • SydsWrld


    个月 前

    it’s just magnets lmao

  • Maximilian Weber

    Maximilian Weber

    个月 前

    If tyreeks had been ruled a catch it would have been way higher than 30

  • Demetrius Wilcox

    Demetrius Wilcox

    个月 前

    So I guess Tee Higgins sideline catch against the Titans didn’t happen huh NFL😐

    • smeagol1409


      个月 前

      Can't have everything

  • Yoboy Isaac

    Yoboy Isaac

    个月 前

    I love how a lot of these catches Ian eagle was announcing

  • Zayd Mallhi

    Zayd Mallhi

    个月 前

    I’m at 51 and I think the hoppkins catch is going to be 1st

  • yaz


    个月 前

    That Tyler Johnson catch got snubbed hard

  • Kodak makezz ツ

    Kodak makezz ツ

    个月 前


    What a throw.....

    Drew brees: ...👁👄👁

  • luminious gaming

    luminious gaming

    个月 前

    all these catches are good :)

  • MarioTheFalcon


    个月 前

    24:46 Pain.

  • Luca Blandy

    Luca Blandy

    个月 前

    i was wondering about the return

  • Luca Blandy

    Luca Blandy

    个月 前


  • Luca Blandy

    Luca Blandy

    个月 前

    what is with number 30

  • Vincent Saccomanno

    Vincent Saccomanno

    个月 前

    Number 30 was incomplete

  • Joey sheiner

    Joey sheiner

    个月 前

    Why wasn't Javon Wims against the Saints on here?

    Oh wait...

  • Username Rich

    Username Rich

    个月 前

    So pathetic they didn’t put Henry Ruggs catch vs the chiefs on here

  • Elijah Felion

    Elijah Felion

    个月 前

    8 of the last 10 plays were 1 handers. Are 1 handers the best catches in the world or something? I mean I'm 11 and 4 foot 11 and once mossed my 6 foot 3 dad in a game 2 handed. Why are 1 handers so over rated?

  • Old Boots

    Old Boots

    个月 前

    K.J Wright int was better than quite a lot of these

  • kolonelk


    个月 前

    Shameful lack of Fitzmagic vs the Raiders

  • Fart Poop

    Fart Poop

    个月 前

    1:01 HOW IS THIS 95. It's better than a high percentage of these other catches

  • Scooppoop Poop

    Scooppoop Poop

    个月 前

    KJs one hand pick should be here

  • Swaggy A

    Swaggy A

    个月 前

    DeAndre hopkins had like 15 plays in this😂

  • RawhaterChris


    个月 前

    Where is Henry Ruggs moss over the chiefs defender

  • Aaron Brenot

    Aaron Brenot

    个月 前

    7:11 Kendrick Bourne
    19:39 Jordan Reed
    23:50 George Kittle

  • its_me_christopher_13


    个月 前

    bruh why ain’t the ryanfitzmagic play in here



    个月 前

    6:42 he thinks gesicki wears 86 now lmfao



      个月 前

      Not wrong

    • smeagol1409


      个月 前

      @BRYCE BARBOUR cause the bottom of 6 and 8 are both circles duh



      个月 前


    • smeagol1409


      个月 前

      86 looks like 88 if can only see the bottom half of the number

  • Austin Harger

    Austin Harger

    个月 前

    That Mayfield catch was dope ngl some wrs would have dropped that ball

  • Avi Akbar

    Avi Akbar

    个月 前

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  • Lions 4 Life Gaming

    Lions 4 Life Gaming

    个月 前

    Already know 1 gotta be the Lombardi trophy toss from Brady to gronk on the boat lmaooooo 😂😂😂😂😂🤣😅😂

    Ok Ok I guess the dhop hail murry was a little better

    • smeagol1409


      个月 前

      That's pretty funny

  • Coby Rogers

    Coby Rogers

    个月 前

    can someone explain how 85 was a catch. im not hating i just dnt know

  • Matt Gromala

    Matt Gromala

    个月 前

    Davante against the eagles, Lazard against the saints

  • Hunter Hughey

    Hunter Hughey

    个月 前

    Diontae Johnson’s diving catch against the colts??

  • Stupid Sports Fan

    Stupid Sports Fan

    个月 前

    This video just proves that Bill o Brian Made the smartest trade ever. I cant believe they got the legendary david johnson for only dhop

  • connor lemont

    connor lemont

    个月 前

    Only 1 colts highlight 😐

  • FrostiJJJ


    个月 前

    Where is Tyler Johnsons caych against the saints when he made it they were like "oh yeah best rookie catch" but its not on here

  • Bailey McGrath

    Bailey McGrath

    个月 前

    Dude... this list is garbage...
    Diggs catch in traffic against the Phins at number 56 nahhhh

  • MKD


    个月 前

    What about Davante Adams catch on the eagles in the middle of the field?

  • Owen Holsclaw

    Owen Holsclaw

    个月 前

    How is 5 better then 7?

  • ShokDragon


    个月 前

    No Tae catch against the 9ers :|?

  • Robby mcdonell

    Robby mcdonell

    个月 前

    Logan Thomas back of the end zone against the eagles game 17 was better than a lot of those